Social media strategies leveraging knowledge management to create new knowledge

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Gundin Manjarin, Ricardo
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MSc in International Business
Dublin Business School
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For hundreds of years, business people have been transmitting their wisdom generation to generation. In the middle 1990’s companies started to create units focused in managing their knowledge. Nowadays, Knowledge Management is still a relatively new discipline focused in developing the main competitive advantage that organizations have: the intellectual assets. Organizations recognise that Social Media can be enormously used to influence their customers. However, they exactly do not know how to confront this new tool. Therefore, how to effectively develop a SM strategy is today a major issue for businesses. This research focuses on showing how organisation should implement their Social Media strategies in order to maximise their knowledge creation. Data was collected using a web survey distributed among experts and practitioners in the area of Knowledge Management in order to review the literature about knowledge creation and strategy implementation. The findings show that Social Media is a positive tool to create knowledge and the link between the Knowledge Management strategy and the corporate strategy is still valid. This study also provides some recommendations for a successful implementation of Social Media strategy and areas for future research. Author keywords: International business, knowledge management, strategic management, social media