Factors influencing job satisfaction among healthcare assistants (HCA) working in Dublin

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Akbar, Altaf
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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This study aims to assess factors that influence job satisfaction among health care assistants in Dublin. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on Health care assistants working in Dublin. Total number of 75 HCA‟s voluntarily participated in the study. Participants completed a selfstructured questionnaire comprising of few general information on socio-demographic and 28 questions on General satisfaction, Opportunity to develop, Time pressure, patient care and Staff relations. Data was analysed using the SPSS software version 22.0. Results: The respondents were between the ages of 20 and 40 years (64%) with (Min: 21-Max: 60) years. Out of 75, fifty of the participants were female (66.6%) which shows that males are less attracted to healthcare assistants job as only 25 were males (33.3%). It is found that 46.66% were agreed that if they had to choose a career again, they would choose the same career. More than two-thirds (a total of 80%) agreed or strongly agreed that their job had more advantages than disadvantages. About half of respondents (44%) did not think that their income was the reflection of the job they do. While a total of 33.33% of the respondents believed that there was personal growth in their work, about half (45.3%) did not experience any personal growth. The study showed that about 22.66% of respondents had no intention of changing their career means that they are uncertain in their decision. More than two third (81.33%) were strongly agreed or agreed that they enjoyed their work, while only 4% strongly disagreed. More than two third of the respondents (84%) indicated that in general they were satisfied with their jobs. And (a total of 68%) strongly agreed that there were sufficient opportunities for self-development. Clear majority of respondents (88%) enjoyed their status in the community as healthcare Assistants. Overall it was found that 84% were (summing up highly satisfied and satisfied) satisfied with their jobs. Conclusions: Our study results indicated that majority of participants satisfied with their work. The factors that influence job satisfaction among healthcare assistants working with in care facilities in Dublin showed strong association between the variables assessed as general satisfaction, the opportunity to develop, responsibility, patient care, time pressure and staff relations while no association is found between demographics variables and job satisfaction. Author keywords: Job Satisfaction Among Health Care Assistants