An exploratory analysis of mental health recovery oriented outcomes : empowerment, quality of life and symptom distress

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Quinlivan, Leah
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Service users (N=51) self-reported, perceived level of empowerment, quality of life (QOL), and symptom (SOS) distress are explored in this research through social survey methodology. Correlational findings suggest a positive association between empowerment and QOL, and both are negatively associated with SOS. Multifactorial MANOVA suggest no significant differences between psychosocial services (Vocational / Rehabilitative Training, Occupational Services & Clubhouse), on outcome variables, whilst holding constant demographics and other characteristics. Participant evaluation of the measure (Ohio Department of Mental Health Consumer Outcomes Adult Form) indicates problems in the measure, such as wording. Findings support the use of an empowering approach to service delivery. However, this research is limited by missing values and misunderstanding of the empowerment scale that affect the validity of the measure. Results suggest measure redesign with focus on the construct of empowerment prior to further use in Irish services.