Consumer behaviour towards smartphone industry in Indian market

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Mohan, Amrit
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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The behaviour of consumers toward smartphone is increasingly as a focus of marketing research. In particular, consumer’s behaviour in smartphone industry, from adoption motivation to post-usage behaviour it has become a major focus of research in the field of marketing, especially within consumer behaviour. The results of the research confirm that regulatory focus has an influence on consumer behaviour towards smartphone purchase decision by affecting their perception, motivation and lifestyle. As, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the smartphone industry in India is growing very fast and for consumer’s in market smartphone has become essential parts of personal and business life. There is a continuous increase in disposable income; there has been a major shift in the attitude and aspirations of the consumers. This research is to analyse the external and internal factors which are influencing in a consumer in purchasing a smartphone. The research also focuses on consumer attitude for smartphone and influence of brand on consumers in buying decisions. The recent growth of smartphone usage is an observable fact that crosses all age and gender boundaries. Hence, this research explores through quantitative analysis some of the key factors believed to affect consumer’s attitudes and behaviours towards smartphone purchase. Author keywords: Consumer behaviour, smartphone Industry, Indian market, consumer attitude, smartphone