Views of counsellors on childcare facilities for drug dependant women

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Fox, Anne
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BA Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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This study 'was conducted to examine the provision of childcare for drug dependent women with children. It's focus was to obtain the views of counsellors regarding childcare being a factor in the uptake of counselling. Previous research has found that childcare is a factor in women's use of treatment services. This study aims to expand on this theme by asking participants about the relevance of childcare to their work. . A questionnaire was developed to examine the impact of the provision of childcare on the women's uptake of counselling. The questionnaire also sought information regarding, the impact if any on the participants work, do they regard the availability of childcare as relevant to their work. Questionnaires were sent to a sample of counsellors working directly with drug dependent women. Typically responses show that participants in the main work in services where childcare facilities are not provided on site. Particular responses indicated that the availability of childcare is relevant to the counsellor work. Specifically there is a view that the provision of childcare facilities is a factor in the uptake of counselling services by drug dependent women. These results are discussed within the context of other research undeliaken in this area. Much of this research indicates findings that drug dependent treatluent services are at tilues male orientated and luore awareness is required regarding the provision of treatment services for women. Research further indicates a lack of specific information regarding women's needs in addiction. There are implications for future development of services. These relate to the need to consider the views of participants, regarding the relevance of the provision of childcare and how it impacts on service delivery. There is a need to consider the particular needs of drug dependent women with children, when developing the service. Suggestions are made concerning future research, which could involve a more detailed study of the specific needs of drug dependent women with children, with a view to the development of future treatment services. Research regarding the provision of gender specific treatment programmes would be beneficial to service development.