The effects of shift schedules in nursing staff on sleep, job satisfaction, general health and stress

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Cudden, Laura
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This research was designed to examine the differences in sleep disturbances, job-satisfaction, stress and general health, between rotating shift workers and fixed shift workers. A snowball technique was used to find the nursing sample; invitations to complete an online survey were sent to different social websites, who then invited others to take part. Sixty five people, aged from nineteen to sixty-five; fifty-nine females and four males, participated. Results showed a significant difference between the groups in relation to job-satisfaction, stress and general health. No statistic differences were found between the groups in relation to sleep. The relationship between stress and years of employment in the rotating group were also examined and a moderate, positive relationship was found. Author keywords: Shiftwork, Nurses, Fixed shift workers, Rotating shift workers, sleep, job satisfaction, general health and stress