Palestinian identity in exile

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Elshahri, Sarah Salem
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BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this Thesis is to explore the modernized Palestinian identity in exile. The exploration should depict how the identity of Palestinians is affected by ‘Orientalism’ in mass media as well as exploring how social aspects in different regions impact shaping identities. The thesis will remain under the context of sociological perspective. The thesis will also focus on writers such as Edward Saeed and his works, along with other writers and sociologists. The paper will conduct new findings about collective identities and how it impacts Palestinian lives in exile. The findings will be conducted by collecting quotes and the subjects are in the Palestinian society from countries such UAE, Ireland and America. Finally it will discuss the possibility of cultural continuity in regards to the findings and social theory. This thesis aims to establish the difficulties of identification of oneself through the lens of a westernized society and perhaps the world. The thesis aims to create a new conclusion on the experience of Palestinians living the diaspora and how that is a life changing experience. This thesis does not intend on only delivering different exile experiences, rather it will focus on why those experience are shaped in terms of sociological perspectives. Author keywords: Exile, Palestinian, identity, Orientalism, cultural continuity, collective identity, social theory