The security of e-commerce transactions

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Farrelly, Tony
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BA (Hons) Business Information Management
Portobello College
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Purpose: The purpose of this dissertation is to carry out an examination of the security of commercial transactions carried out over the Internet: (i) To explain what exactly the Internet is and how e-commerce has evolved with the advent of the Internet. (ii) To examine the security techniques, which are used in e-commerce, and determine their effectiveness. (iii) To point out the major threats posed to e-commerce. (iv) To profile Internet banking and Ireland's two major banks, AIB and BOI who offer banking online . Findings: (i) The level of commercial trade online has experienced exponential growth, although it is slowing down, and with such growth levels, security has become a pivotal part of the success of e-commerce. (ii) The security techniques available are highly sophisticated and capable of securing commercial trade online. (Hi) Many people still do not trust the security of e-commerce, and are unwilling to buy any product or service online. (iv) Legislation of the Internet is a hugely important issue. The Internet must be regulated to prevent a criminal cyber culture developing. Conclusions: (i) Trust is the key tool to the success of e-commerce. People must trust the security of online transactions. Once properly implemented the security techniques available are capable of enforcing trustworthy online trade. (ii) . Once a person follows the correct steps and acts responsibly and sensibly then commercial online transactions can be trusted.