Stakeholder’s perspectives on integrating sustainability in project management

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Zambre, Ashish
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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In today’s world, the way business and organisations deal with their procedure of lading their work is more project driven and moreover they are driven by sustainability goals than ever before. It is evident that for a project to be successful the inclusion of sustainability is clear but the vision and approach for the two domains are different, so it would be interesting to investigate the link between them. Especially by examining, the comprehensive importance of stakeholders in project management processes. Hence the research aims to study the influence of stakeholder in providing positive contributions and their impact analysis for project management practices. Several participants or stakeholders were selected who are working on projects related to sustainability goals as their prime concern, out of which four were finalised. An important finding that was discovered that different stakeholders had different perspectives related to the three performance indicators of sustainability which is People, Planet and Profit, but still more significance was given to the economic factors and the inclusion of environmental and social aspects were rarely measured in the management and delivery of their projects, although they categorise their projects as sustainable. Author Keywords: Project, Project Management, Stakeholder, Perspectives, sustainability