A study on how outsourcing creates challenges and issues to the human resource in an organisation, a case study on Dell Ireland

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Abdulkader, Zeeshan
Issue Date
MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Since 1990s the outsourcing has become a hot discussed topic around the world. It has attracted the business organizations across the globe, those includes large to small sized organizations. With the benefit like cost reduction, access to new technology and innovations helps the organizations to improve their financial matrices and business growth. This force and encourage the organizations to outsource its variety of business process to sustain in the market. In this study the leaner has analyzed the issues and the challenge faced by the employees that caused from outsourcing process. The respondents of this study were 900 employees of Dell Ireland. Issues and complexities faced from outsourcing has been studied and analyzed from the perspective of employees. Issues and stresses which came from difference in the general culture , work culture, communication barriers and other inter personal problems between the In-house and ‘Outsourced team’ were studied in this research. The concerns and worries of the respondents about outsourcing and its possible impacts on their job and internal labor market have also been studied in relation with other issues and concerns.