Is there a correlation between SME owner / managers characteristics and ICT adoption in Business communications?

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Beggs, Ernest
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MA in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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Objectives: This paper is an examination of the correlation between the characteristics of SME owner/managers and levels and use of ICT adoption in their organisations. The objectives are to identify the different SME owner/manager characteristics (the cause) and measure the strength of correlation relative to ICT adoption (The Effect). Prior work: This paper draws from studies on ICT adoption by Zappala and Gray (2006), Manueli et al (2007). Approach: The approach used was through quantitative research. The instrument used was a self designed questionnaire, based on the critical literature section of this paper. The questionnaire was then hosted on the Survey Monkey website, which was utilised to gather responses. The sample was chosen from the SME LinkedIn groups that I am a member of. Results: The findings suggest that there is already significant awareness of ICT technologies amongst SME owner/managers. However there is also significant non-use and unawareness of some of the ICT technologies named. Implications: The implications for SME owner/managers is to draw attention to technologies that they are unaware of, as these same technologies may offer routes to previously unsought after opportunities. Value: Although this paper presented findings during a specific timeframe (July –August 2010). The findings may help contribute to the growing literature on ICT adoption.