Dot com downfalls!

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Kirby, Glenda
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BSc in Computer Science
Dublin Business School
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While it can be seen that there are many benefits from e-commerce, the disadvantages that have caused failures must also be considered, throughout this research thesis I will be discussing the events that led to such disastrous results for many ecommerce companies. The information superhighway gave way to an explosive new era, electronic became a very common word throughout the nineties, with such examples as e-business, e-banking, e-commerce and e-logistics to name but a few. For many e-commerce is considered an enormous success, but in contradiction to popular belief it has become more a wind than a revolutionary force. The research involved in such a topic will involve careful examination of both sides of the argument in order to derive at the most accurate conclusion. The Internet itself will have to be examined from its birth to its present state, as it is the Internet that has made e-commerce possible and without it there would not exists the media for such electronic transactions. Internet usage throughout the world will be considered and research into what the most popular activities to do online are Security is playing a major role in almost all aspects of Internet usage, most Internet users give security as a main reason for refusing to disclose personal details over such a network. Security is a very dominant and viable concern when considering ecommerce, understanding and analysing the potential risks will help determine a better understanding of how fatal these concerns actually are. Customer retention is critical for any organisations survival. In order for any company online or otherwise to achieve success it must provide good relationships between the customer and the organisation. I will be looking into the basic commerce behind ecommerce in order to gain a better understanding as to why online shopping has become more of a revolutionary progression rather than an evolutionary one. E-commerce has seen some drastic collapses over the past few years and fining out why will be the foundation of this thesis. There can be no denying that e-commerce has achieved a certain level of success but it is the high number of failures that is causing widespread concern throughout the world. Was this success a brief encounter for the more fortunate organisations and will 2002 bring a rise in further collapse.