An investigation into the value of product names, their impact on consumer behaviour and subsequent marketing tactics. An investigation using low-involvement purchases within the Irish retail sector

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McCann, Stephen
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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Many companies rely heavily on a potential consumer’s prior knowledge of their products before purchasing them. Numerous companies still, utilise eye catching packaging to target the consumer at the point of purchase. Due to these factors dominating organisations’ marketing tactics, little research has been conducted on the impact that a product’s name can have on consumer purchasing intentions and resulting marketing tactics. This dissertation examines how customers connect to product names in isolation of any other knowledge about the product and a subsequent effect on purchasing intention. Much of the existing literature explores the influence of a brand as an overall concept, however, this research looks at the name of brand extensions (the product) in isolation to other influencing factors. This document also looks at such product names as driving forces behind marketing tactics. Furthermore, this research attempts to fill gaps in research findings that have been overlooked or underexplored in previous academic literature. This research was conducted using a mixed methods approach utilising both exploratory and casual methods. An online questionnaire and multiple interviews were the techniques used within these approaches as were deemed most appropriate to meet the objectives of this research. This investigation aims to construct an understanding of the ability a product name has on influencing purchasing intention and, as such, how this impacts the methodology of resulting marketing tactics. It is hoped therefore that this research will provide relevance and insight for future academics and practitioners alike. Author keywords: Product name, consumer behaviour, brand extensions, sub-brands