Generation Z – A quantitative study into their motivation in the workplace in Ireland

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de Araujo da Silva, Michele Daiane
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MBA Human Resources Management
Dublin Business School
Motivation in the workplace has been the subject of many studies over the time, and as a consequence of this, some theories were being developed on the subject. The most famous of these theories are the ones developed by Maslow and Herzberg, known as the hierarchy of needs and two factors, respectively. The different generations that have emerged, are the constant subject of studies, which aim to identify their characteristics and their motivations, with the Generation Z it would not be different. Due to this, this quantitative study aims to identify whether the theories of motivation, specifically those developed by Maslow and Herzberg can be applied to the motivation of Generation Z. To achieve this objective, a questionnaire with questions that sought to identify Generation Z motivation was conducted and answered by 45 participants. The findings of the data collected show that the theory developed by Herzberg can be partially applied to Generation Z, while Maslow's theory has no applicability to the motivation of this generation. Further research is needed to discuss other theories.