Product placement is the new black

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Seydoux, Paul
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MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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Advertising is everywhere even in a movie theatre. Product placement is becoming the new black. Its success is because of the fact that it changes from traditional advertisements and this permit to reach more and more consumers. Many pieces of researches were done about this topic but only by taking into account the benefits to the companies, with this dissertation we propose a research focused on the consumer effects of this marketing tool. (a) This study aims to identify the impact of product placement in the movie industry on consumer buying behaviour. (b) Learning objectives include the understanding of the consumer’s perception of product placement as a marketing tool. To understand how product placement in movies can affect consumer buying behaviour. To investigate the best strategy for product placement in the movie industry. To determine in which stage of the movie product placement is the most effective. To understand how product placement can make the movie more real. To identify the sustainability of product placement in the mind of consumers. (c) The mains results confirm that product placement is mainly accepted by the audience and help to raise brand recall, brand awareness at short term but it does to lead to purchase intention. (d) Product placement should tell a story to be efficient and the limit between a successful product placement and a bad one is very fine. In term of purchase intention, the consumer should already have a purchase intention for a similar product to buy one seen in a movie. New limits could occur in the next few years concerning the ethics and the under 18 years old population.