The perception of Toulouse’s student millennials regarding French organic wine: impact of digital marketing

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Crespo, Nicolas
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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In France, organic agriculture is expanding through the years. Nowadays, all the different sectors of the market are concerned about organic : food, textile, drinks… even the vineyards are concerned. In fact, wine industry have to adapt to the new trends and provide organic wine, not only to have a “healthy” message but also to target the new generation of drinkers : the millennials. This generation is organic oriented and is not used to drink wine yet, in addition, the millennials are highly connected to digital devices, and it represent a huge opportunity for the wine business. The purpose of the dissertation is to understand and measure the power of the digital marketing regarding the French millennials perception toward the organic wine. To understand this purpose and answer to the research question presented in the introduction, the researcher used primary research with a questionnaire for Toulouse Millennials from ISEG Toulouse and Toulouse Business School, collected through social networks and emails during October and November 2017. The results from the questionnaire were analyzed in order to reach all the defined objectives and theories, and finally to define effective digital marketing strategies for winemakers and retailers, in order to reach millennials in the Toulouse region. The secondary research data were collected through resources as academic articles and journal, books, eBooks and specialized website. The first part of this dissertation is based on the theoretical side of the research, defining all the concepts who were used, the strategy followed and the limitations of the research. The second part is more practical, with deeper analysis related to the primary research and the secondary research. The results traduce that the organic wine is not enough developed in France because they don’t target enough the new and young generation of drinkers. Even if the organic wine is not consume regularly by millennials, the digital marketing related to wine can help winemakers to reach this young population. The expansion of apps and social networks allow the millennials to have more information about organic wine, the more information they have the more comfortable they are in their purchase.