A Study On the Need for Investment in Employee Wellbeing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) In Bangalore, India

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Ireland, Simon Gerard
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MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
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Increasingly, well-being is a major concern for a growing number of well-known organisations throughout the world. As a valid aim of business policies, it is also seen to have a positive impact on an organisation's development, which makes it an important consideration. In this setting, businesses must pay particular attention to the well-being of their employees. There is a strong correlation between employee well-being and a number of HR activities, according to several studies. A company's overall development and profitability are also positively affected by the well-being of its employees. The health and well-being of employees is an important consideration for every firm, as well as for ensuring compliance with applicable laws. It is the objective of this research to examine the level of commitment of employers towards employee wellbeing in small and medium enterprises. The study examines the relationship between employee well-being and workplace productivity. The goal of this paper is to portray that business outcomes have overshadowed employee wellbeing and therefore the study seeks to establish a positive correlation between employee performance and the effects of the same of the Human resource practices of the organisations. A deductive method is used to investigate ideas and empirical facts related to employee well-being in the paper at hand. There will be a literature review used in this investigation to support the primary research which will be then used in the analysis stage to draw conclusions that will be presented in the findings and recommendations section of the report.