Inpatient rehabilitation : family support influences a patient's attitudes towards their recovery, irrespective of their functional status

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Begley, Grainne
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Research to date has shown that recovery from illness and patient attitudes towards the recovery process benefit greatly from social support (Schulz & Decker, 1985; & Wilson, Engel, Ciol, & Jensen, 2006). With this in mind, the present study examines whether patient attitudes are influenced by family support, which is considered to be the most important source of social support (Kriegsman, Pennix, & van Eijk, 1995). This study also examines the impact of functional status on a patient's attitudes towards their recovery, and measures of support such as frequency of visits and social outings are also under investigation in relation to their impact. This study is comprised of fourteen patients (n= 14) over 65 years of age and of mixed gender who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Royal Hospital Donnybrook. A between subjects design was used to compare attitudes towards recovery, using measures of family support, functional status, frequency of visits and social outings, and spousal support. Statistical analysis revealed no significant difference in attitudes, however these results are mitigated by the small sample size. This leaves open the possibility that further studies on this topic using a larger sample size, different measures, and a longitudinal design could reach different conclusions.