A psychotherapeutic exploration of the space between the client and therapist

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Edmonds, Sarah
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MA in Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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The focus of this thesis was to explore the space between the client and the therapist and investigate the existing understanding and interpretation of this space, as well as its value and contribution to the therapeutic relationship. This research focused on a number of concepts including the therapeutic relationship, relational depth, theories of creativity and play, and some more existential and philosophical questions in relation to the search for meaning. This was an exploratory study using a qualitative research design investigating the experience of five accredited humanistic and integrative psychotherapists. Three central themes emerged; the contribution of the therapeutic alliance as the foundation for accessing the space between the client and therapist, the need for creativity and play to engage with this space and the search for meaning that unfolds, both on a practical level to explain the concept and also on an existential level, within the space. This paper offers the opportunity to reflect on a deeper and more abstract aspect of the therapeutic relationship which underpins psychotherapeutic practice.