Managing the security of Internet based e-commerce

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McConville, Eoin
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BA (Hons) Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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Managing the security of Internet based e-commerce is an area of business that is essential for any company if they intend to be successful while trading online. The aim of this dissertation is to see how banks will manage their online facilities with relation to the security elements of online trading. In this dissertation we look at the history of the Internet. How it was developed and who it was developed for. lt is also important for us to know who is using the Internet and how consumer will view the possibilities of conducting routine tasks like banking, online. We will also look at the whole security side of the Internet and how safe it is for consumers to do business online. Breaches of security are common to all businesses so it is important for company's to know who the main security breaches will be and what will motivate them to engage in security breaches. After giving a broad background to the Internet and security this dissertation will concentrate on online banking. We will look at how banks try to make their facilities more secure for consumers. We will look at some of the security methods used by banks some of these methods are passwords, encryption and digital certificates. Internet awareness is important because we see how people view the Internet and what it can do for them. Then the aim of this dissertation is to look at three different banks in Ireland and how they work online. The three banks are AIB, Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank. We see what service's they are offering to their customers and how they are making online banking a safe option. The final part of the dissertation is the recommendations and conclusion of what is contained in the dissertation. Here we look at the options for the banks and how competition from mainland Europe could cause a problem.