The different attitudes towards same sex marriage between younger and older generations and religious beliefs

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Pollock, Louise
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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The primary purpose of this research project is to compare the different attitudes towards same sex marriage regarding age groups. The study also aims to collect and analyze data to find out if Religion between the different age groups can determine an individual‟s opinion towards same sex marriage. Gender was also taken into account when comparing results. The main reason for this study was highlighted by (Conway, Tracy & Niewenhave 2013) who stated that marriage between a man and woman is becoming decreasingly less traditional. There has been very little research done in Ireland on this topic. Quantitative analysis was used for this research, along with a quasi-experimental design. The sample size of this study was two hundred participants. In order to compare the age groups they were divided into three different generations. The youngest generation (64 adults), the middle generation (72 adults) and the oldest generation (64 adults) were the three groups. 104 males took part in this study and 96 females took part. Findings from this research showed that the main hypothesis was supported, that older people do hold a more negative view towards same sex marriage. It also displayed the more religious you are the more against same sex marriage you are. A key finding to this that gender does not play a role on how people look at same sex marriage, as male and female both have the same outlook on the topic.