Investigation on the use of event marketing in the Irish market

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Klai, Sarah
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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This investigation for Dublin Business School, by Sara Klai, an MBA graduate in 2019, is treating the topic of Event Marketing in the Irish Market. It is a critical analysis of primary and secondary data to answer the main question of this research: “In the Irish market, what are the effects of using Event Marketing as a marketing tool in companies’ Strategy?” The objective of this research is to find out: why companies in Ireland are keen to use Event marketing as a marketing tool, how they are using it, for which marketing purposes, and finally; what is the impact of using event marketing in their Marketing strategy. This investigation is based on information collected from previous researches, articles, journals and academic books discussing or surrounding the subject of Event Marketing in different areas. In addition, the researcher chose to use both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect the primary data. The primary data has been collected from companies operating in the Irish market. Sharing their experience with the use of event Marketing, stating the pros and cons of using it as a marketing tool, and its impact on their own marketing strategy. Moreover, the findings reveal that marketers who are operating in the Irish market use event marketing as a huge pillar in their marketing strategy. It is mainly used for branding, advertising and for engagement and loyalty. To conclude, this paper is a starting point for any student, marketer and company; wishing to learn more about this topic and curious to know what kind of industries are more likely to use Event marketing and its effects on various marketing strategies adopted by companies operating in the Irish Market.