To investigate the improvement of motivation within a matrix structure

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Karmani, Sandra
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BA (Hons) in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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The concept of this paper is to discuss the issues hindering the improvement of motivation within a matrix structure in companies such as Google Ireland and to find the according solutions/objectives towards it. The research question I have proposed is; what are the factors hindering the motivation in employees within a matrix structure resulting in poor performance? The objectives following this question are; performance management effectiveness, conflict management and improvement in dual reporting. The theoretical framework identifies the major tenants of this theory and how it relates to this proposed theory. In methodology, the research design discusses, the type of research design chosen and how it relates to this theory, the sampling includes an expanded discussion describing the further methods used to analyze the audience, and the instrumentation outlines the instruments that will be used in this theory. For example, in-depth interviews, surveys, etc. The main question I am proposing is, what are the factors that are affecting motivation and creating obstructions in project teams and teamwork preventing better performance in employees? The objectives are as follows; performance management enhancement, re-evaluating the performance management in order to give clear tasks resulting in effective results, conflict management, aiming to enhance learning and group outcomes increasing the positive aspects of conflict. Understanding conflict leads to resolving disputes more effectively. Brainstorming, discussing, considering all possible solutions to the task/mission, remaining open to other people’s ideas, are all solutions to conflict in project teams. To carry out this theory and as a part of my primary research, to find the correct solutions to it, I will carry out exploratory research in which I will use the method of an in-depth interview with the Human Resources Manager of Google Ireland to investigate the matrix structure and how it is affecting the motivation and performance of employees. I will also conduct a sample questionnaire for the employees of Google to discover how motivated or unmotivated they are in their work. Author keywords: Improvement, motivation, matrix