How advances in media related technology are changing journalism and the role of the journalist

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Casey, Colin
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Journalism
Dublin Business School
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This Final Year Project is an analysis and examination of how advances in new information and communication technologies have influenced and effected journalism in general and how they have affected the Irish journalistic scene specifically. It will look at several different ways that these technological advances have had a positive impact on journalism and the day to day working lives of journalists working in the medium of online news. It will look at how these technological advances have influenced journalism in several ways including areas such as research, the gathering of news and online news presentation. It will also look into the area of citizen journalism and assess its position within journalism. It will also examine the situation of Ireland’s online news services and suggest ways in which they can improve if necessary. This Final Year Project was carried out using a combination of primary and secondary research and consisted of academic readings, interviews with the relevant people and a close examination of some of Ireland’s key online news websites.