Unplanned pregnancy : a male perspective

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Lennon, Lisa
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BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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The objective of this study was to investigate the area of unplanned pregnancy from a male perspective. In doing so, the issues faced by such men in relation to the unplanned pregnancy will be identified and explored, the questions raised by such an event with regard to the pregnancy continuing and whether or not the men chose to seek counselling to help them through this time are examined. The research also aimed to discover the emotions experienced by the male at this time, and whether or not these men feel that there is adequate help available to them with regard to this issue. This information was obtained by interviewing six men who have had previous experience of an unplanned pregnancy, and also a therapist who works in a crisis pregnancy agency was interviewed in order to get a general overview of the men who present for counselling due to an unplanned pregnancy and the issues they face. The design of the research was a qualitative approach using an informal style of interview. The interviews were carried out in a number of ways, face to face interviews and also telephone interviews. The interviews were recorded using a digital recording device. The data recovered was transcribed into text and analysed. Another method of gathering data was by sending questions by email this was done at the request of the participants. The research found that all six of the men who were interviewed had experienced unplanned pregnancy as a highly emotive event, the range of emotions however was diverse from terror to excitement. None of the men interviewed had attended counselling to help them through this event, however the counsellor interviewed reported that the number of men attending for help with this mater was on the increase. None of the men interviewed believed that there was adequate support available to men when it came to unplanned pregnancy. It may be concluded that due to the high level of emotions experienced by men with regard to unplanned pregnancy that more support should be available to them during this time.