Application Responsiveness & Performance within PaaS on Azure Cloud using Benchmark Testing with JMeter/Azure Loadtesting

This paper proposes that the same application running in a Platform as a Service environment, which provides the same performance, will behave differently when using different code bases. The same website has been built on top of four different coding languages, Python, PHP, DotNet, and NodeJS, and hosted using the same environment meaning there is no difference in computing power, location, network, or any other physical difference one might experience within multiple on-premise datacentres. To measure the performance, a benchmarking tool named JMeter has been used to run load tests over a period of 30 days. The results have shown that PHP had the best score of 3.58 on a 5 Point Likert Scale used in combination with a Weighted Matrix. Future studies should focus on more complex applications and use other benchmarking tools to further evaluate the performance within PaaS.