Impact of product placements in blockbuster films on consumers’ behaviour : a cross-sectional study on French filmgoers

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Debatisse, Maelys
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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While traditional advertising has been compromised and discredited by consumers, product placement is becoming an important tool used by marketers and communicators. The alternative to use such a technique in entertainment media, especially in films, is seducing, even for consumers. Thus previous researches restricted to its importance for companies and its use. Nonetheless, those researches left aside consumers’ behaviour toward this technique in order to measure its effectiveness. This dissertation aimed at investigating on the impact of product placements in blockbuster’ films toward consumers’ behaviour. It also goes deeper in its ability to create brand awareness, brand recall but also factors which trigger purchase intention. In order to perfect an understanding of product placements, a conceptual framework of previous literature is developed. Through the qualitative and quantitative method, the researcher aimed at unearthing findings and fulfilling gaps. The sample used is made up of French filmgoers who volunteered to answer the questionnaire and the interview. In the first place, results clarified consumers’ awareness toward product placements. This technique is generally appreciated by most of them but they are indifferent and do not look at it while watching a film. Nonetheless, when a placement is too obvious it leads to rejection and consumers have concerns of films becoming a giant advertising. Moreover, findings revealed bigger reactions, especially in brand recall and purchase intention when it comes to emotions such as personal interest or association with an actor, a character or a film. Author Keywords: Product placements, brand placements, film, marketing, advertising.