Examining the sourcing methods used in recruiting a technical candidate. (A case study of technical recruiters in Ireland)

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Kiran, Ujwal
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Objective and Scope: Ireland is considered to be a home to most of the multinational companies. Also, it is a place where start-up activities have risen over the last few years. One of the most notable concern is about the availability of skills as the competition for skills is intense, especially for technical candidates. The initial task of identifying and attracting a candidate is one of the challenging tasks in the entire recruiting process. This study aims to find the different methods and strategies to identify and attract a technical candidate in the context of improving the sourcing process. So far, however, there has been little academic research on the subject from a recruiters perspective. This research, consequently, aims to fill the gap in the literature regarding the different strategies that can be implemented to attract and identify technical candidates. Ultimately this study aims to provide recruiters with actionable insights and recommendation that they can apply to improve the sourcing process. Methodology: This study is based on a qualitative analysis of interviews with technical recruiters involved in recruiting in four different organization in the IT sector based in Dublin. Results: The interviewees reveal many insights, some of which are in accordance, some of which are in contrast to the consensus in the literature. Also the interviewees response explores the different strategies adopted by the recruiters which the literature review lacked. This study showed that recruiters have to diverge themselves in various sourcing channels and not invest in just one of them. LinkedIn is the most recommended tool which comes with a bundle of features that recruiters must make use. Moreover, the result of this study indicates that recruiters have to strategize to make their relationship stronger with the candidates. Technologies improve the candidate experience. Hence recruiters must make use of all the available channels as mentioned in this study.