Managing cultural diversity in a call-centre: a recommendation for team leaders

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Carr, Maria
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
The aim of this dissertation is to investigate cultural diversity within IBM, with specific reference to its existing call-centre and Team Leader's that work there. The main objective of the study was to see what current awareness Team Leader's in the call-centre had towards diversity and related legislation and then to uncover what they thought would be useful. The secondary research looked at various aspects of diversity and the advantages it can bring to an organisation if it is understood and managed correctly. Culture was also examined as the specific nature of the study is cultural diversity. Primary research in the form of perceptions and opinion was gathered from IBM's Sales and Support call-centre in Blanchardstown in the form of a questionnaire and was distributed to all Team Leader's there. The results of the questionnaire indicated that there is a current lack of awareness and knowledge on the Team Leader's part about diversity and related topics and also that IBM is not communicating enough to its management on this area. Conclusions were then made regarding what can be done in the management of diversity in IBM which could be extended to other organisations in a form of 'best practice'. Recommendations included all Team Leader's to attend the diversity awareness training or alternatively, hold half-day workshops with HR facilitation for Team Leader's only so awareness and real-life examples can be shared and learned. Generally, a lack of support and information are the main issues coming out with Team Leader's currently struggling to handle cultural diversity with common sense and not much else.