The world of Robert Altman : Auteur, Innovator and Iconoclast

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Durack, Sean
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BA (Hons) in Film
Dublin Business School
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Filmmaker Ron Mann’s recent documentary Altman (2014), features interviews with various notable filmmakers and actors who worked with Robert Altman over the years. Mann said that people who come to see his documentary “just to see Bob’s films” then he has done his job. Mann also more poignantly said that “Altman was America’s greatest filmmaker and that his work matters more than ever now because it stands in contrast to all the sequels that Hollywood makes to sell lunch boxes”. (Gilbey, 2015)1 This quote encapsulates what Robert Altman stood for as a film director in that it illustrates his innovative approaches to filmmaking, his maverick tendencies and individuality. His vision, creativity and independence are a testament to his influential legacy which continues to inspire film makers today. Author keywords: Altman, film noir, satire, anti-western, ensemble, mystery, Hollywood and Studio System