Change management in Dublin-based tour operators. Effective use of communication in change projects to prepare employees for upcoming change

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Bartl, Tamara
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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Continuous developments in ICT or the challenges of globalisation are only some influences businesses have to address and use to their advantage. To do so projects and changes are part of the daily challenges of businesses. Lack of communication and resistance to change were identified to influence the success of projects. This dissertation aims to identify communication practices during change projects and their value with regard to the success of these projects in Dublin-based tour operators. Web-based questionnaires were sent out to tour operators to examine communication techniques and effectiveness, employees‟ perception of lack of communication and employee involvement in change projects. The findings of the empirical study were analysed and discussed with regard to the hypotheses asked and the relevant literature. The study finds that while general communication is perceived as being executed well, change-specific information is not passed on to employees as efficient or accurate and change communication could be improved. Furthermore it was shown that employees would like to be more involved in company projects and changes. Recommendations based on the primary research to improve the situation include the review of the communication process within the company. The use of change agents, direct communication between employees and their direct manager, and integrating employees early in the collection of information and the decision-making process are among these recommendations. Finally implications for further research include the influence of cultural differences in communication on change processes and change communication. Furthermore researching the topic with the use of focus groups, observational studies or case studies is a recommendation for future research. Author keywords: Change communication, project management, resistance to change, tour operators, change in tourism