What will supersede the Internet?

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Murphy, Graham
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BSc in Computer Science
Dublin Business School
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The object of this paper is to examine the Internet in its present state with relation to its efficiency, expectant status and scale with e-commerce and introduce new up and coming future technologies to establish a model of a future Internet system based on all of the research undertaken. The current state of the Internet is given with a brief history. The main problem facing the Internet today (it inefficiency) is discussed introducing 'how search engines work'. This introduces topics such as intelligent agents/searches and describes what they are and how they work. It gives the main problem facing the project and the main areas of solutions for the project. New technologies such as IPv6, Bluetooth, VPNs, GPRS, EDGE etc. are introduced. The matter of e-commerce is then discussed with its development and downfall. The final part of the report discusses the proposed future internet model which is documented and so leads to the conclusion.