Analysis of customer satisfaction and perceived quality for improvement of project management methodology in a video game project

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Deo, Subodh
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Dublin Business School
The Division 2 is a large scale video game project which has received mixed and mediocre reviews from the fans. In this study researcher has analysed customer feedback data in form of customer satisfaction (CSAT and NPS score) and perceived quality (Graphics and audio) so that that existing project management processes and methods can be improved. Quantitative data was collected with help of survey questionnaire designed and distributed to sample of division 2 players. Total of 95 responses were received. CSAT of overall game and storytelling was found to be low while NPS was negative. Majority of participants also reported bugs and wanted to see new features in the next expansion update and in sequel of the game. Perceived quality of audio was found to be low/mediocre. Based on results and data analysis in SPSS, researcher has given recommendation for future and current projects of division 2.