Body image : a qualitative analysis exploring self-esteem and gender differences among Dublin Business School students

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Ni Cheanneachain, Jamie
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
Attitudes and perceptions of schizophrenia : the perceptions of mental health professionals have of public attitudes towards schizophrenia and the effects on the recovery process
CONTEXT: The issue around Body image and satisfaction seems to be an increasing problem within society today, as the world glorifies ‘the perfect body’. The aim of the research is to investigate body image and self-esteem among Dublin Business School Students. METHODS: Qualitative analysis was chosen method. 213 participants were used within the analysis, 110 females and 103 males. Majority of the participants were in the first age category, which was aged 18-25. RESULTS: The analysis revealed that male students attending Dublin Business School are more affected of body surveillance than female students attending Dublin Business School. The analysis also revealed that both, male and female students attending Dublin Business School have a strong relationship to self-esteem. CONCLUSION: Both Male and female students attending Dublin Business School reveal body dissatisfaction and self-esteem issues. Author keywords: Body image, self-esteem, Dublin Business School, students