An investigation of television and sport sponsorship in the Irish market

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Brockdorff, Elizabeth von
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BA (Hons) in Marketing and Event Management
Dublin Business School
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The use of sponsorship is rapidly growing in the Irish market. Sponsorship has grown to be an important part of the marketing communication mix for companies over the past decade and has been inserted significantly into our everyday lives. The aim of this study was to investigate, in the television and sport sponsorship. Are people aware of sponsorship and do different television and sport preferences and habits influence peoples knowledge of sponsorship? In order to reach this purpose the research question is focusing on the objectives of sponsorship. Based on the research question, a review of the relevant literature was conducted resulting in a conceptual framework, which then guided the study's data collection. In order to collect the data the quantitative approach was used, using questionnaires as the data collection tool. 100 questionnaires were handed out asking respondents to give feedback on their knowledge of sponsorship. The set target market for this research was 18-25 years. In the study, the researcher discovered that, brand awareness, image building and reaching target markets are three important objectives for sponsorship, the relevance and long-term impact are major selection criteria for sponsorship and furthermore evaluation methods of the sponsorship tends to be more informal than described in theory.