Indian middle class purchase cecision and consumer behavior and towards automobile sector

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Chandra, Ishan
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The phenomenal expansion of the Indian economy has given a boost to the Indian middle class household and has led to creation of new customers that has invited large conglomerates to various market sectors in India. Automobile market is one of the largest in India and has witnessed a sudden growth in customer base in the form of the rapidly rising and expanding Indian middle class household. However, due to their continuous growth, it is difficult to identify various aspects that influence a middle class households buying decision in case of automobiles. Various researchers have identified these factors vaguely in general but none focuses on the middle class or on the factors that have led to their growth. This research therefore by with the help of quantitative data seeks to identify these factors and segregate such factors that are responsible for the Indian middle class buyer to migrate from one car to another while purchasing their next vehicle.