An analysis of digital literacy initiatives in Dublin public libraries

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Yeates, Sheree
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MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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Digital literacy has emerged as a key concept in recent years. The importance of it has been highlighted in recent years in many different publications, including those developed by the government. As a concept it has grown and changed over the years since its inception, its meaning broadening to include the many advances in technology. This dissertation examines where Dublin public libraries stand on this area and analyses the initiatives that are currently in place in the four authorities. It seeks the opinions of the staff on the importance of having digital literacy skills and these initiatives in place. It looks at the challenges faced when implementing these initiatives and highlights the importance of these skills in the modern age. The findings surmise that while public librarians know the importance of digital literacy and in having initiatives in place for the public in their libraries, at the moment there is a lack of resources in regards to training staff and a lot of these initiatives are now implemented in public libraries through an outsourced third party. The study concludes by highlighting the importance of digital literacy skills to a person, giving an overview of the initiatives currently in place in some Dublin public libraries and makes recommendations as to what is needed to ensure patrons of the libraries and staff themselves need to continue to function as a modern citizen.