Acceptance of Online Learning through Cloud Computing platforms amongst undergraduate and postgraduate students in Dublin

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Bala, Deepjoy
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Dublin Business School
The standard of modern technology of learning gives the educators an ability to find advanced learning methods and to support the development of highly professional human resource. The increase in the introduction of cloud computing technology in the academic setting creates a sense of capabilities to learn and educate the cloud-based learning services in colleges and universities. In view of this, the study aims to investigate and propose the factors that influence the acceptance of online learning through cloud computing platforms. In order to understand the reasons for the acceptance of cloud computing in the student population, a Technology Acceptance Model was used and questions were asked to students based on constructs like perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, cloud computing awareness, risk & security, computer self-efficacy and e-skills. The nature of the project was descriptive and these factors do have a positive impact on the students due to the innovative learning technologies, concepts and tools.