Information architecture strategy report for Chez Emily

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Zaliene, Laura
Issue Date
MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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Chez Emily handmade chocolate company contracted with the author (information architect) of this report in order to develop strategic approach and recommendations for optimising information architecture of their site and, in this way, increase competitive advantage of Chez Emily. This report provides an analysis of current site, its drawbacks and weaknesses. Also, recommendations and examples for improvement of current information architecture of the site are provided and discussed in detail. The problems encountered in the current site are as follows:  The site cannot facilitate expanding range of products.  Lack of consistency throughout the labelling of the site is causing confusion and impedes content discovery.  Content organisation is becoming increasingly chaotic, i.e. many items are “buried” in unsuitable categories and this, in turn, affects user experience of the site. Consequently, our information architecture strategy will address these main issues of the site. Therefore, recommendations in this report address:  Content organization.  Consistency of labelling throughout the site.  Navigation systems of the site.  Content management (controlled vocabulary and metadata). Also, recommendations were developed with business context, content and the user in mind, i.e. information architecture principles were applied by creating “custom fit” for this particular site. All recommendations are supported by examples provided either as figures within the main body of report, included in the appendices or supplied in a separate file together with this report. In addition, wireframes and blueprints are used for visual representation of recommended strategy. Lastly, our ultimate goal of this report is to develop a well-rounded information architecture strategy that helps enhance user experience, ease content management and will support further growth of Chez Emily. Author keywords: Information architecture, XML, metadata, information retrieval