Gender in project management: The communication approach of female project managers with their male counterparts in a project team

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Sagay, Oritsetimeyin Pamela
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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This research is an exploratory study gender in project management, focusing on the communication approach of female project managers in the male-dominated Project Management Profession knowing that communication is a significant element in the success of projects gender is a barrier in the communication process of female project managers. The literature review focuses on the impact of gender in the workplace, gender as a barrier in communication, communication styles and approaches and the gender influence in the project management profession. Both secondary and primary research methods were employed. Certified female project managers in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Nigeria, who had lead mostly male-dominated project teams were interviewed during the course of this research to analyse their personal professional experiences. Trends from data collected were also analysed by the researcher by coding. Data were coded through terms from respondents, also the frequency at which they occur and the stated context in which they are perceived were also analysed as well and the result of the study suggests that the female project managers utilise the assertive, direct and persuasive communication approach the most as they have ensured success in their projects. The study provides a meaningful insight into the relevance of understanding the communication approaches of female project managers especially as the rate of women leading more project teams and being assigned management positions in organisation rise rapidly.