In- Hospital Specialist Referral Ordering System For Nurses

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Irakleous, Apostolos
Issue Date
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (Software Development)
Dublin Business School
My project leverages the power of the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) stack to create a sophisticated and modernized "In-Hospital Specialist Referral Ordering System" aimed at optimizing the referral process within hospital facilities. The development includes various functionalities, such as viewing referrals, selecting, and viewing/adding specialists, and making referrals. The project aims to foster collaboration between primary care providers(nurses) and specialists while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. This project will enhance efficiency and accuracy in specialist referrals, highlighting the importance of effective communication in healthcare and the challenges associated with manual referral processes. Moreover, this project assisted me to understand further the creation of a MERN stack development and the importance of frontend and backend. Hopefully this project be an idea for further development, which will help In-hospital referral system, and bridge the gap between primary care providers and specialists, optimizing patient care pathways.