Facebook : the effect on happiness and its attraction to users

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Kenny, Andrew
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this paper has been to explore what effects using Facebook has on the user’s happiness (SHS), and also to add to previous research on what attracts users to the site with specific focus on social desirability (SDS). Furthermore, it attempts to broaden what is already known by looking at subjects other than students. The correlation between Facebook use and happiness was examined by looking at the intensity of use (FIS) and the number of Facebook friends. Facebook use was found to have no influence on happiness overall, although a positive correlation was found for users in part time employment. A positive effect however was found between the number of Facebook friends and happiness. Finally, and perhaps counter intuitively, no link was found between Facebook use and social desirability. Author keywords: Facebook, happiness, social desirability