From bricks to bytes

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Flanagan Creagh, Morgan
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Journalism
Dublin Business School
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While investigating recent Irish documentaries I noticed that many had been focused upon the hardships and repercussions of the recession, others looked at people coping with the hard times and doing the best they could with limited resources. They all seemed to take a negative or solemn view and that perspective was not something I wanted this documentary to portray, so a different route was taken. I went in search of Ireland’s new entrepreneurs; a decade ago the nation was brimming with them and I assumed the new breed was something that needed investigation. Were people starting property businesses, shops and bars in the recession or had that kind of development died completely in Ireland? How difficult was it to set up these businesses and what is the future for entrepreneurs in Ireland? Author keywords: Radio, startup, business in Ireland, IT sector, technology,, venue one, Dublin Beta