Terence Davies : the architect of memories

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Witkowska, Natalia
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BA (Hons) in Film
Dublin Business School
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In this work, I will introduce Davies’ work and position within British and European context. Analyse his films in regards to his cinematic reconstruction of memories. Look at his utilisation of music in order to evoke specific period of time and also its function as catalyst for a shift between recollections. Examine architecture and the landscape as construct related to fluid spacial-temporal correlation and how the spaces in Davies’ films function as confinements for memories and holders for a symbolic meaning. Consider how he interprets remembered time as coexisting with the presence, the filmic time as inherently connected to memory logic and how it’s exploited in his cinema. I will analyse above components in order to draw an overview of how Davies’ memories are constructed on a level that proven to be successful. Author keywords: Terence Davies, memories, experimental narrative