The family effect on addiction recovery.

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Mooney, Siobhan
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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The field of addiction studies is an ever-growing area. The majority of the research done is solely user related, this research piece aims to examine the relationship between concerned persons and the drug user. By examining the support services that are available to concerned persons and what involvement they play within the drug users recovery. this research aims to establish if this is an underdeveloped resource. Are concerned persons the forgotten resource. Qualitative research was used for this research. The research was carried out by conducting four semistructured interviews with professionals in the addiction work field. From the research carried out it is evident that more resources need to be allocated to concerned persons as not only would this positively affect the concerned person but also the drug user. As it has been established that concerned person play a positive influence in the drug users life.