Impact of work force diversity within Irish nursing homes on management practices to gain competitive advantage

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Pallichanparambil, Aanchana
Issue Date
MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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Implementing diversity in workplace has its advantages and disadvantages in the respected field of operation. The main aim of the research is to analyse the impact of workplace diversity within the Irish nursing homes on management practices to gain competitive advantage in the market. This is the focus of entire research process. Data for the research is collected using primary data collection method and survey technique to use to gather information. Closed end well structured questionnaire is distributed to the participants to gain their insight on research context. The data obtained from the participants are analysed using quantitative and descriptive analysis method presenting significance of the research. Positivism and deductive approach is used for in depth study. The literature focuses on the importance of workforce diversity in healthcare sector. This presents the level of innovation and creativity implemented in the healthcare section practiced by individuals in the organisation. Healthcare industry is not limited to a single field of operation hence, diversity is pertinent and this contributes to a competitive advantage in the market. Effective training and communication practices provided by the management improve employees’ relation and performance contributing to competitive edge in the market. The research findings revealed that effective leadership practices in the workplace encourages employees and enables them to work in diverse atmosphere. It has been identified that nursing homes in Ireland provide fair treatment to their employees in the workplace. In order to improve efficiency of the workplace it is necessary that nursing homes should implement institutionalisation and discrimination policies to avoid conflicts, discrimination and racism within the workplace. Organisations need to improve their transparency in their promotions and recruitment process to gain employees trust and improve their performance level in the organisation.