An examination of stress management

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Nagle, Annemarie
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BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Portobello College
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The dissertation which has been undertaken by the author discusses stress in the workplace and stress management. Each chapter focuses on a different area of stress. To commence, the first chapter outlines what stress is according to Tom Cox, (1978), and Hinkle, (1973). We find out where the word 'stress' is derived from, and how it is conveyed in today's society. We move on to discover the various causes of stress, of which there are many, ranging form basic hygiene facilities to the introduction of New Technology. It is discussed as to how the organisation can curb these stressors and keep them to a minimum. Within the third chapter, the consequences of stress are revealed. Markham, (1995), and Fontana, (1997), have contributed at this point by stating what happens to an individual when experiencing stress, and also what happens to their quality of work. Both physical and mental consequences are highlighted. Chapter 4 deals with the various recommendations for reducing the stress within the individual and within the organisation as a whole. Various coping strategies are illustrated such as Yoga or Shiatsu Bodywork, and making sure Safety Statements or policies are in place. The author focused the research on Intel Ireland LTD, and conducted a structured interview with a representative from the organisation. The findings of this primary research is continued in chapter 5.