Evaluation of awareness and public understanding of the potential benefits of online medical consultations services in Dublin

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Karpusheva, Nataliya
Issue Date
MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
The acceleration of the mobile age in the past few decades has been far beyond anyone’s expectation. In this digital era, the rapid development of information communication technology impacts many aspects of human life where healthcare is not an exception. GPs have pointed out that 70% of patients usually can be treated by using online consultations. Online medical consultation has been the most rapidly growing technologies growing in the field of healthcare which has its own repercussions and advantages. Online medical consultations services can offer alternative options for receiving healthcare by using electronic devices in a convenient, affordable way, and accessibility to a broad range of healthcare services for patients. Those services have many advantages in this fast-changing environment. However, the full potential of online medical consulting applications has not been well-known by people and these practices were not being adopted to benefit socially and financially over the traditional general practices with the doctors. This study was conducted to ascertain the level of awareness, usage, and attitude towards online medical consulting applications in Dublin, Ireland. A questionnaire was used to collect relevant data and the analysis was done by using several statistic methods such as IBM SPSS program, Google form feedback analysis and manual analysis. The result indicated that most participants are aware of existing of online medical services. Nevertheless, they do not have enough knowledge in-depth to start using it.