A study of kinship patterns , support mechanisms and depression in relation to suicide with Filipino people living in Ireland

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Mullan, Jason
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BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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This research explores if there is an aspect of the culture of the Philippines that influences a lower rate of suicide and if so, can this be utilised in Irish society towards the prevention of suicide in this country. The objective of the thesis is to examine this unique Filipino culture in relation to Ireland and look at the possibility that kinship values and support mechanisms freely available in the Philippines are a direct preventative measure against depression and the possibility of suicide. This will be assessed using quantitative measures of assessment. The Beck Depression Inventory and The Family Support Scale were administered to three groups. The first group consisted of 10 male and 10 female Irish people. The second and third groups consisted of a similar balance of male/female respondents, 20 Filipino's living in the Philippines and 20 Filipino people living in Ireland for more than two years. The results indicate that the breakdown in the family structure in Ireland is may be accompanied by a marked reluctance to seek help from outside sources in times of crisis in comparison to the other two cohorts studied. The research will also conclude that there may be an urgent need to address the breakdown of family structure in Ireland and makes recommendations regarding this.