Issues and benefits of cloud adoption and its current influence on commercial real estate sector of India

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Shenoy, Mysore Arjun
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MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
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The current research was performed to identify the issues and benefits of cloud computing adoption for the commercial real estate sector in India by collecting perspectives from real estate professionals. This study was carried out using the deductive research approach and the positivism research philosophy. The primary data collection method was used to collect the research data using the techniques of survey and interview. The primary research data was analyzed with the support of the quantitative research method, the qualitative research method, descriptive data analysis method and explanatory data analysis method. The research sample of 60 real estate agents surveyed and 4 real estate agents interviewed were selected using the convenience sampling method. The results of the research showed that data storage and management were issues for real estate companies that did not implement cloud computing. It was seen that cloud computing offers cost-effectiveness, better data security and decision making for the real estate companies. Lack of trust on third-party service providers seemed to be a problem but they were convinced by the other benefits that cloud could provide over existing methods. Compatibility issues and lack of awareness challenged the adoption of cloud computing in the real estate sector. The correlation analysis and regression analysis showed that cloud computing had a strong impact on the performance of real estate companies. Cloud computing also improved the real estate agent‟s performance. The research recommended improving awareness of cloud computing among real estate companies and enhancing the priority of adoption of cloud computing for real estate companies. In addition, real estate companies have to manage compatibility issues during the implementation of cloud computing technologies. This research holds applicable only for real estate sector of India.